Hanging With Genevieve at the Solar Flare

Yes, it was time to go out for another drink tonight. After I cleaned up the garbage and got something to eat I headed out to the Solar Flare. I have been on a big drinking binge for the last little while. It seems to be the fun thing to do when you’re the new guy, and of course I want to get out and meet some people!

Speaking of people, I ended up running into Genevieve again. She came up to me at the bar and started chatting it up. She is such a wild gal! Genevieve seems to be always enthusiastic about everything. I think I kind of like her, seems like she would be a pretty decent friend to hang out with.

Hehehe, we ended up acting like fools and dancing like a bunch of drunkards, but it didn't stop us from having fun.

Afterwards, we sat on the couch together and got into a little more deeper conversation. She began telling me more about herself. I already knew she hates commitment, but tonight she also told me that she hates children. Meh, I guess that's her thing. I still think she seems like a lively gal!

After Genevieve left, I wanted to take a shot at telling jokes over the mic, yes I was pretty drunk. I am beginning to build more confidence in front of crowds though.

Near the end of the night I couldn't help but go back for one more drink, but damn the bartender was sure taking her bloody time to serve it. I got into a little conversation with the other two people sitting there, but nothing much... I just wanted my drink. I eventually got it, and damn was it ever good, it was a special!

Well, one more work day and I get a couple days off. I think that's when I will visit my cousins Cassi and Victoria and maybe take a trip to the gym. Well, I'm heading off for tonight. I had quite a few drinks, and I gotta get some sleep... Only one more day of putting up with angered crowds, and then I can get some peace of mind.