Genevieve Came Over!

I was supposed to go to the park today, but then I heard somebody knocking on my door. I go to answer it and there is Genevieve! What a surprise, she came over to my place on her own. I really think she does like me.

We are having a good time together right now. We talked and laughed all evening. We are really getting close, and I think I am kinda falling for her too. Genevieve is such a great gal, she even took my garbage out for me!

I made an attempt to cook dinner for us this evening, but the fish I made didn’t turn out to well. Both me and Genevieve gagged, but we got some good chuckles over it. She said next time leave it up to her to cook, hehe.

We are just chilling on my couch right now. I am thinking if I should ask her if she wants to go for walk with me.