Genevieve Was Flirting With Me

My night isn’t quite over yet! Me and Stephon decided to stop by the Rattlesnake, and now we are here with Genevieve! It’s a very long night tonight. It’s flippin 5:44am right now! It’s a bit livelier here than it was at the Oasis. Man, that Genevieve… she really knows how to bring the life into somebody! She was already here when me and Stephon arrived.

Anyways, while Stephon was at the bar, me and Genevieve got into some pretty deep conversations. I think she likes me! She was so flirting with me, you could tell by her body language. She even touched my leg. Hehe, it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. What a gal! I must say we are getting pretty close.

I felt pretty good about our friendship, so I the positivity made me get up and dance!!! Of course, the booze too! We ended up talking with this other chick who first gave me a dirty look when she saw me dancing. I don’t remember her name, it was one of those just chat and forget kind of moments.

Finally, Stephon decided to come join us, so I introduced him to Genevieve. Hehe, he’s pretty drunk and rowdy right now. I think all of three of us may become a pact soon. Although, Stephon is just an acquaintance right now, I think this guy is gonna end up a good friend. 

Well, it’s time to guzzle down at least another beer before I head home. Damn… oh yeah… I gotta work today. Oh well, one more beer with the gang!