Having a Blast at the Blue Velvet!

Woo! I am having a blast tonight. After Victoria left, I decided to take a trip to the Blue Velvet. I’m having a pretty good time. I was just hanging out with, Stephon, the bro I met a few nights ago here. He was just telling me that he comes here all the time. This guy is awesome, defiantly a cool fellow who keeps things happening.

I ordered a special drink called the Spicy Salt Zesta, or something like that… I have already had a few drinks before this while partying it up, so names can get changed around a bit, heheh! I wanted to enjoy this one all by myself, so I sat alone as I sipped back on this delicious fiery burning liquid.

The night only gets better! I also ran into my cousin’s fiancĂ©, William. I haven’t really met him before. I have only heard about him through what Cassi has told me. So, we sat down and had a drink while we got to know each other. This dude is eventually going to marry cousin who is pretty much like my sister.

Well, the night is still young, it’s only about 2-3 AM, I got some more partying to do.