A Surprise Visit from Victoria

I was having quite the good snooze and then suddenly I was awakened by a knock on the door. I go to answer the door and I see my cousin, Victoria, standing out there. That was quite a nice surprise, I wasn't expecting any company today. 

I showed her around my place and we just chilled by watching some TV and talking for a while. I even showed her my piano skills. Meh, she knows I'm still a rookie, lol, but she pretended she liked listening to me play anyways. 

Later in the afternoon I cooked up some fish tacos! Unfortunately, cooking really isn't my thing, and I may have lightly burnt the food. However, Victoria seemed to enjoy eating the fish tacos anyways, she didn't even come to sit down to eat, lol. 

It was getting later into the evening, and we talked for a bit more. She is such an outgoing cousin and really creative too. She really loves her Smartphone. I also took some photos from the evening which can be seen below.

Victoria checking out my place.

Victoria watching some TV.

Victoria playing on her Smartphone.