Uncle Martin is in Town

It was a long day, but I did end up going back to the Rattlesnake after the gym. When I returned later, I ended up running into my uncle Martin. I guess he must have just moved into town a little while ago. It was good to see him, for I haven’t seen him for ages.

We were trying to catch up on old times, but it was pretty loud and busy tonight. There was also some jerk, the guy in the muscle shirt, trying to pick a fight with me. He kept on interrupting me while I was trying to talk to my uncle. Martin was getting a bit upset as well.

So, I ended up arguing with that guy for a chunk of the evening, we through insults back and forth at each other. Uncle Martin ended up kind of laughing at the situation, and then he started doing some pretty weird stuff near the end of the evening.

Genevieve was also at the Rattlesnake tonight, but I didn’t really have much time to chat with her since I spent most of my time talking with my uncle Martin and arguing with that thug. However, I did manage to get in few words with her just before we all left for the night.