Spent a Few Hours at the Gym

Pumping the weights like ironman, hitting the bags like a champ, running like a cheetah, and sweating like a pig. Man did I ever have a good work out! I began on the weight pulleys. Hehe, as you can see in my video I am badly out of shape.

The punching bags were slightly better, but I still got a lot of work to do. I ended up spending some of my workout time talking to a gal by the name of, Halle. She told me she was a gym rat but also creative. She's definitely a happy one. 

Afterwards, I decided to join the woman on the treadmills! My running is actually not too bad, I guess cardio is my thing. The gym was pretty packed tonight. I took a photo of the weight area of the facility, you can check it out below.

Hmm... I still got some energy left. Maybe I will head to the shower and go back to the Rattlensake for a couple of drinks.