I Finally Get to See My Cousin Cassi Again!

Woooahh! I decided to go to the Rattlesnake for a few drinks. When I arrived, I heard a growl coming from a girl nearby. I turned around and I saw my cousin Cassi sitting on the bench reading a book. So, I went to her and gave her a shove and said, “Where the hell have you been!?”

I have only seen her once since living here in Willow Creek and that was when I saw her at the Blue Velvet back in January. So, this was quite the surprise. I told her that I stopped by a couple of times, but she wasn’t home. She said that work has been keeping her busy. I asked if she has been keeping in touch with Victoria because I haven’t seen her in a while either, but she said that she has had no contact with her lately.

Well, it’s time to catch up on some old times, so me and my cousin are going into the Rattlesnake for some cold drinks. I am so excited to tell her about my experiences with Tara and how we met.