Having Some Drinks with Cassi

Me and my cousin Cassi are having a great time catching up on some old times with some good booze. I told her about how great life has been over the last six and a half months being here in Willow Creek. I told her about how I got my new promotion and how I met two really good friends, Genevieve and Stephon.

I also told her about Tara. I explained to Cassi that I first saw her at the Blue Velvet. She was looking into the bar area and my eye caught her. I told Cassi that there was something really special about this girl, and that the feelings were as if I have known Tara from somewhere else, or even some other lifetime. I told Cassi how happy I am being around her and that Tara and I had a wonderful time together earlier this evening.

Cassi was happy for me and said that all of us should get together sometime and that she would love to meet her. I thought that was a great idea, but I’d have to see when Tara would be available since she has a pretty busy work schedule. Just like Tara, Cassi also works in the business field. She told me she works for a company called Dewey, Cheatem & Howe Incorporated.