The Cowboy Was Checking out My Cousin

Rock and roll baby! ROCK AND ROLL! What an awesome night and day I had. This is definitely one for the memories. I had a great time with Tara and I finally got to see my cousin again. I am hammered out of my flippin mind right now. Me and Cassi really drank the bar dry, hehe! She was pretty wasted and ended up getting a little cray-zee! I’m no better though. At one point I had a nice big happy grin swiped across my face for a good 20 minutes or so, hehe, permagrin! We had a lot of hardbar tonight. Oh, and that cowboy, the one who followed me outside at the oasis, was checking out my cousin tonight. He was gonna try and make a move on her, but I intervened and told him, “Hey buddy, she’s gotta fiancĂ©.” I guess he kind of felt like an idiot, so he ended up just walking out. Well, I am just finishing up my last drink now, and then I’m gonna be heading home. Cassi left a little while ago, but I figured I’d stick around for a bit longer.

Go Cassi go! She's so bloody wasted!

Mmmm! Goes down like water!