Me and Genevieve are Growing Closer

Me and Genevieve are really getting close. We are practically best friends, and I feel that there are a little more feelings involved as well. The way she keeps flirting with me, how we get a long so well, and how we have so much fun spending time together.

I went to the Rattlesnake shortly after my horrible evening at work, and Genevieve was already there. So, I grabbed a drink and joined her. She already had a few drinks in her. We were talking and laughing. She gave me pretty good playful jab to the shoulder, but of course I pretended it didn’t hurt, hehe.

Afterwards, we did some grooving together and got into a wild conversation about romance. I told her my romantic life has been dead since the stone ages, hehe, kind of on defrost mode. She laughed and replied with the same thing. She hasn’t been into romance for a while either.

After all the dancing we hugged. It felt so warm and good. It left me with a strong warm fuzzy feeling. I liked it!  We also took another picture together, one more for the memories!

Well, I am going to pass out soon. Gotta try and get up earlier tomorrow. I hate rushing before work.

A nice warm hug from Genevieve!

Me and Genevieve taking a photo together.