Me and Genevieve Pull an Allnighter

Woooo ya!!! Tonight was a blast, my flippin vision is blurred! I am just finishing up my last drink here at the Blue Velvet. I had quite a few tonight, and I know work is gonna be dreadful tomorrow, but what the heck… gotta have some fun!

I spent the entire night drinking with Genevieve. Man, that gal makes me feel warm and fuzzy at times, hehe! I think we are getting close. We even danced together again! She’s still the only friend I have since being here, but she’s good! You know what, I respect that she is not committed and that she hates children. That is her thing, but she is still a nice gal to be around.

I thought I was gonna get into a fight tonight. Me and Genevieve were talking at the table and that guy from the Oasis and park who I nearly got into a fight with last month showed up and came to our table. However, he came and apologized rather then trying to pick a fight with me, so that’s pretty cool.

Alright, time to finish this drink up and get the heck out of here before I pass out on this damn table.