Reunited with My Parents

This is so awesome! Both my mom and dad were home. We are just sitting in the living room right now. My mother was in so much joy to see me again. The feelings that were flowing around the house were surreal.

She immediately told me to grab a serving of her home made food for dinner, but felt bad because I couldn’t. I was pretty damn full from the dinner I had just before coming here. So, I just sat at the kitchen table with them while they ate their dinner.

We were talking about what has happened in our lives over these years of being disconnected. Who would have thought 1992 WMT would have been the year that me and my parents finally got to see each other again.

Me and my dad got into a really great conversation. He was telling me a little more about his work and how he loves his new position, and he also pointer out, “Richard, how the hell did you lose so much weight in a day!?” Hehe, I told him the truth about the drug I took… He smacked me in the head and said, “You silly boy!”

Well, it’s around 7pm right now. I think I’m gonna take my dad down to the Rattlesnake for a few drinks soon. I know he will like the place, it’s his type of bar to hang out in.