At the Rattlesnake with My Dad and Genevieve

I knew my dad would love the Rattlesnake, he’s having a blast. Genevieve was here before we arrived, so I introduced the two. I told him that she’s my best friend in this new community and that I met her back in February. We were all sitting at the table and my dad was telling us some messed up but interesting story. It kind of blew me and Genevieve’s minds. My dad and Genevieve are definitely getting along. I went to order some more drinks and look back to see Genevieve laughing her bloody ass off. I guess he must have cracked a pretty good joke. Now, all three of us are pretty hammered and are getting all rowdy in that good kind of way, hehe! The night is still young!

Just about to introduce Genevieve to my dad.

Hehe, my dad going all wild and telling us some messed up story.

Genevieve and my dad talking pretty calmly before he made her burst out in laughter.

Now, we are all just chillin in the couch area sipping back on some cold drinks and getting drunker!