The Four of Us Partying it Up

The night is only getting more interesting. Stephon showed up a bit later, so I also introduced him to my dad. Of course I expected the, “Richard, what the hell happened to you!” Hehe, the last time I saw Stephon I had quite a few pounds on me, so it blew his mind to see me look like an anorexic. Note to self, “Don’t do drugs ever again…”

Anyways, Genevieve was having a good time dancing by the couches to some good tunes, she is quite the dancer I must say. So, me, my dad, and Stephon had some drinks at the bar and chatted it up. Me and my dad were already hammered, so Stephon had quite a bit of catching up to do.

Feeling a little left out on the drunkenness, Stephon decided to take some shots to speed up the process over the last couple of hours. He shot those drinks back like water, and now he’s enjoying the drunkenness too! Hehe, he was behind the bar acting all crazy and yelling with great joy! Me and my dad got a good laugh.

Afterwards, all three of us went to join Genevieve in the couch area. She was already partying It up with the other folks who were there. Stephon and my dad are really having a blast together. They are in a deep drunken conversation. Me, I’m just sitting here slurring my words with Genevieve as she’s smiling and flirting with me from the other couch.

Hehe, Stephen has definitely caught up to us on the drunkenness

Me, my dad, and Stephon joining Genevieve in the couch area.

As Genevieve is flirting with me, my dad and Stephon are in a deep drunken conversation. They are having a good time.