Two Days off and the Energizer!

Oh man, thank heavens this work day is over. It was so long and boring, it nearly killed me. I am so pooped out, but I bought a little special something today to keep me going! A couple of guys at work told me of this product called the Energizer. I guess it's some kind of an energy booster that temporarily removes the need for sleep. So, why the heck not! I decided to pick a bottle of this stuff up on my way back from work tonight. I got home, had a shower, and ate some more hot dogs… I have been eating a lot of those these days… I guess maybe next time I shouldn’t cook so many. After eating the hot dogs I whipped open that bottle and guzzled down that stuff like water. Wow! Now I am feeling so bloody pumped! This stuff actually works. So, instead of going to sleep early tonight, I am gonna go head down to the Blue Velvet. I’m gonna make sure tonight and my two days off are gonna be worth living!

So frustrated and pooped...

Enjoying the Energizer!