At My Place Drinking with Stephon

Haha! What a guy! Damn, man... We are both pretty drunk and just having a great night. Me and Stephon are talking about our experiences with the ladies. He was telling me that he and Lydia are getting a little closer and that they had some drinks the other night at his place. He told me with tears of laughter, “As I was trying to pinch her ass, I tripped over an old dirty towel of mine and spilt my drink.” He said he was pretty damn drunk and that Lydia laughed her ass off when he fumbled on his attempt. At least it wasn’t a slap in the face this time! So, I ended up telling him about my experience with Tara the other day. I told him that we had a few drinks together at my place. Of course he goes into, “Nice! Did you score?” Hehe, I told him, “No man... I’m just taking it easy and slow with Tara.” I really like her and I don’t want to ruin what we’ve already built by rushing things. Stephon just laughed and called me a pussy! Hehe, I just shrugged my shoulders and laughed back while I took a nice sip of my cold drink! Well, it’s almost time for a refill!