Saw an Old Friend's Mother at Work Tonight!

What a great evening for my first shift as a C-Lister. It actually went pretty well, and I think I’m really gonna enjoy this new position. I spent most of the evening talking with my work colleagues, hehe! However, something really awesome happened at work today. I saw my good old friend Brian’s mother, Irene. She works for the same employer as me as a comedian. I asked her how Brian is doing, and she said that he’s now an undercover agent and that he’s not around a lot anymore. She was telling me that they moved to Willow Creek because Brian was needed here for some special work. I told her, “That’s pretty awesome!” Brian has always been interested in this kind of stuff ever since we first met. So, I got her address and told her that one of these days I’m gonna drop by for a visit. Well, I think I’m gonna invite Stephon over for a few drinks. I’ve been dying to show him my new bar!