Gilbert's Sorrows

Well, I feel so bad now... That guy with the messed up hat who I was sitting with tonight really had a rough life, his name is Gilbert. It was just the two of us left at the Blue Velvet. We were talking and drinking some good booze when I asked him, “Why do you wear such a silly hat!?” His joy and excitement instantly turned to sorrow and sadness. He was looking at the floor when he told me, “My dad gave me this hat when I was a kid. It’s all I have left to remember him by.” So, I asked him what happened to his dad. He said, “When my momma left us he got very sad. He went out in the back and took a shotgun to his head...” I didn’t really know what to say after that... I told him I was sorry and I bought him a beer. Poor guy... I felt so bad for making fun of his hat.