I Met Bob!

I’m just at the Blue Velvet right now. Unfortunately, Genevieve wasn’t working tonight, so I didn’t get to see her. However, Eliza showed up with her husband, Bob, so I finally got to meet the guy! I spent some time at the bar with him and we had a few drinks together. He seems like a pretty cool fellow, definitely a pretty outgoing person who also loves his beer! Afterwards, I went to say hi to Eliza and asked how she was doing. She said things were going great and that she and Bob needed a good night out. Now, I’m just sitting at a table with this chick and a guy wearing a messed up hat. We're having some good drunken conversations.

Chatting with Bob at the bar. He seems like a pretty cool fellow.

Having a drink and a great conversation with Bob. He's a pretty outgoing person.

I figured I'd go say hi to Eliza and ask how things are going.

Now, I'm just sitting at a table and talking with some strangers. Look at that guy's hat, it's pretty messed up!