At the Rattlesnake with My Dad

I’m just at the Rattlesnake with my dad right now. We’re having a good time pounding back some beers and chatting. He was telling me about his work and how they put him on some kind of a messed up assignment. Damn, I know how that feels... I had some pretty crap work while being an Open Mic Seeker. I told him about Tara. I wasn’t sure if my mom mentioned her to him or not. He said that she only mentioned that I met a new girl. So, I told him that I met her a few months ago and that me and Tara are getting pretty close. I even told him that we hugged the other night. He gave me a pat on the back, said congratulations son, and bought me a nice cold beer! I told him that I’ll bring her with me the next time I come over for a visit so that he and my mother can meet her.