We're Having a Blast at the Rattlesnake

Well, there’s a face I haven’t seen for a while. Stephon showed up! I haven’t seen him since like last month. He’s been pretty busy at the hospital, and I’ve been pretty busy with the ladies! So, it’s just me, my dad, Stephon, and this Ed guy right now. Where enjoying some good booze and chatting. Ed seems like a pretty nice fellow. We only met the guy tonight. He’s an interesting one too. He was doing situps in the bar, hehe! I guess he had quite a bit to drink. I also took a good photo of my dad chugging some good beer. Man, he can take his booze well. I gave him a high five! I also ran into that chick from the Solar Flare a couple nights back who bitched at me for accidentally shoving her because I was pretty damn drunk. She seems a little bit happier this time, hehe! She even apologized. Her name is Peyton De La Torre. Anyways, the night is going pretty damn good. Stephon is now just challenging me to a shot contest. I’m gonna tool him!

Me, Stephon and Ed chatting it up on the couch.

Having a drink with my dad.

Bloody Ed is doing situps in the bar. He must be flippin loaded.

 My dad chugging that bad boy down like water

Talking with that chick who bitched at me at the Solar Flare a couple nights back. Her name is Peyton De La Torre.