A Late Night at the Park

I had a good time at Stephon’s place. It’s good to chill and have a few drinks with your bro! Anyways, I’m just at the park right now. Yeah, it’s like 2am in the morning, but I like the late night. It’s generally quiet and relaxing. I saw some dude playing chess by himself. I guess that’s pretty cool to play chess by yourself at the park at around 2am in the morning. Furthermore, I went to the pond and couldn’t help but stare into it for quite a while. It reminded me of the times when me and my Grandfather used to go fishing when I was just a kid. Those were some pretty good memories. This reminds me... I better go pay a visit to my grandparents house soon. Well, now I’m just walking the trails and then I think I’m gonna head home and crash for the night.