At Stephon's Place

I’m just chilling with Stephon and having a few drinks at his place. He actually has a pretty nice house. It’s about the same size as my place but a little more square. We’re just talking about the ladies, Harper and Tara, right now! Man, that guy has a really good sex life with Harper. Myself, I’m just taking it slow. I wanna build a committed relationship with Tara. We’re still just friends right now. Well, pretty much in an indirect relationship based on how we act around each other, but I really do feel the official relationship between us is coming soon.

Stephon's glorious kitchen!

Stephon's nice and cozy living room.

Me and Stephon are just talking about Tara and Harper. He’s really into the adventurous sex with his lady. Me, I’m happy just taking my time building a nice moral relationship with Tara.