At the Blue Velvet with Harper and Gilbert

My nerves are definitely calm now! I’m just having a good time with Gilbert and Harper at the Blue Velvet. The day is really young, but what the hell! I love the Blue Velvet. There are so many good memories here. It’s where I first saw Tara, it’s where I had so many good drinks with my bro Stephon, and much more! Harper’s pretty wild this afternoon. She was telling me and Gilbert how much of a good night she had with Stephon. She said it involved some hot loving, hehe! She’s pretty drunk right now, so there may be a little booze talking. However, Harper has always seemed to have that kind of a side to her. Kinda like when her and Eliza where talking about their sex lives at the Gym the other day. Anyways, Me and Gilbert just chuckled amongst each other. Girls will be girls! I wonder what that chick who is sitting between me and Harper is thinking, lol!