It's a Party in Here!

Yeah baby! The booze is flowing through my veins like blood! Damn, am I ever having such a good time!

Harper is really flippin pissed drunk now, haha! She’s still going on and on about her and Stephon’s kinky romance. She even sent him a dirty message on her smart phone, lol! At least it’s good to hear that things are going well for them.

Anyways, that other chick who’s sitting with us joined in on the fun as well. Her name is Ariana. She seems like a pretty cool gal. Her and Harper seem to be getting along quite well.

Also, that fellow I mistakenly accused of bothering me at the park a while back showed up too. I haven’t seen him for quite some time. I believe I apologized a while back, but I apologized again just in case I didn’t. All is good now though! We came to an understanding and shook hands. His name is Xander.

Well, the night is still young and I’m looking forward to some more fun and booze! As a side note, this bartender is pretty flippin weird, but what the hell, it makes the night more interesting!