Played Some Piano and Talked with Harper and Genevieve

I’m just finishing up my last drink and then I’m gonna head home. I had an awesome time tonight. After all the the fun and excitement at the bar area, I went and had a drink by myself in silence. I was thinking of Tara and how we held hands at the museum and the beautiful hug we gave each other at the end of the evening. It's such a beautiful memory. I’m really in love with that gal!

Anyways, I ended up playing some piano! Xander and some bald guy even left me a tip for my awesome performance! I also had some one and one talk with Harper. She was really out of it and was slurring her words pretty badly, hehe! She seems like a good gal though, and she appears to be sincere about her love for Stephon even though she likes sharing the bedroom information, lol! Whatever, it’s all good.

Afterwards, I spent some time hanging out with Genevieve. She came to work a little later in the evening. Thank the heavens because that other bartender was just creeping me out... I always have a good time when I chill with Genevieve. She made me laugh so hard tonight. She always says these crude jokes that just seem to crack me up, lol! That’s my best friend for ya!