At the Gym with Stephon Talking About Granite Falls

Go figures! As soon as I get here Stephon is already here, lol! He’s a night guy and a gym guy. So, we were both pumping the iron and I couldn’t help but notice how badly out of shape I am again. Well, I never really did get back into shape. I just cheated and took that drug to make me lose weight which ended up turning me into a bone rack.

Anyways, of course Stephon had to come over and watch me as I struggled to lift the weights. He mocked and laughed at me, hehe! He said, “Come on junior, join the big league!” Yeah, it’s easy for him to say...

Even more pressure, some damn lady came up to me and started giving me a lecture on how I’m not trying hard enough and that I needed to put more effort into my weight lifting. I’m thinking WTF lady... Stephon was just laughing his ass off.

Afterwards, me and Stephon talked about Granite Falls. We’re both pretty damn excited to go. He’s gonna ask Harper tonight if she wants to come with us. Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a blast! The booze is gonna flow like water down a stream and good friends are gonna chill.

Well, I’m just about to leave the gym and head home. I was thinking of maybe going over to my parents house a little later after I grab a bite to eat and wash up.

Me and Stephon pumping iron. He's doing much better than me, lol!
Stephon making fun of how badly out of shape I am.

Some chick yelling at me to try harder and put some more effort into weight lifting.

Me and Stephon were just talking about Granite Falls and how much booze we’re gonna bring! We’re both pretty damn stoked to go!