Chillin with My Dad at His Place

I’m just at my parent’s house right now. My mom is at work, so I’m just chillin with my dad. I haven’t seen him since the beginning of November, and it’s been even longer since I last saw my mother.

Anyways, I told him about my new promotion to Opening Act. He said, “Good work, son!” It’s not a bad position. At least I’m making a little more money than before as an Open Mic Seeker. I asked how his job was going, and he said that things are going pretty good and that he’s still happy with his position here in Willow Creek.

Afterwards, we went outside to the patio for some good fun and drinks. I told him about Granite Falls, and how excited I am for this trip. He asked me when I plan on going. I told him that I was thinking of the middle of January in the new year.

I asked if he and my mother would like to come, but he said that he has a few work related projects scheduled for the new year and wouldn’t have any time. Oh well, I told him maybe next time then.

Well, me and my dad are now just about to have a beer chugging contest. I told him that I would tool him, hehe! The winner is who can drink three beers the fastest!