What a great end to a year! Me, Tara, Genevieve, and Stephon had a really awesome night at my place. It’s hard to say goodbye to 1992, but I know 1993 will be just as good or even better!

Anyways, the music was loud and the booze was good! Genevieve sure loves her dancing! She spent some time tonight shaking her legs and booty. She’s always been like that ever since I first met her, a dancer type girl. That brings back memories of when we first danced together at the Solar Flare.

The drinks were on me tonight. I served beer throughout the night because there was no hard liquor. I forgot to stock up... However, I’m more of a beer person anyways. When your throat is dry, there is nothing more refreshing than a cold glass of beer!

We talked a lot about the year tonight and reflected upon some good memories. Genevieve was telling us about the time when me and her drank early into the morning at the Arid Ridge. This was like the first time we hung out after we first met at the Rattlesnake.

As the discussions continued, Tara brought up the time when me and her went for that walk around my neighborhood. I remember that day, and I loved it! She was so romantic-like, and it just gave me so many warm fuzzies! I love being around her.

Hehe! Stephon mentioned the time when Lydia slapped him at his place when he was being a pervert and trying to sleep with her. Man, I really laughed my ass off when I heard that. Damn, I can’t remember if it was Lydia herself or Stephon who first told me about that. Either way, it was still some pretty funny shit!

Also, I am so happy that Tara and Genevieve are really getting a long so nicely. I remember a while ago when they got into that argument about me. They weren’t happy with each other. Tara was flirting with me in front of Genevieve, and it caused a huge ruckus. Genevieve got revenge and started flirting with me in front of Tara, and then everyone just got upset including me. However, tonight they were joking and laughing with each other. They were having a blast! I dread it, but I still have to come forward though and tell Genevieve that I’m in love with Tara...

As the ladies drifted off into their own discussion, me and Stephon were chatting it up. I was telling Stephon about that new pub that me and Genevieve were talking about earlier. I told him that we really need to pay a visit and have a few drinks there. He was like, “Hell Yeah!” Although Stephon likes chillin at the dance clubs every now and then, he’s still more of a pub person like me. That’s why we both like the Blue Velvet so much. Unlike the Solar Flare or the Oasis, the Blue Velvet is a nice calm place to drink and chill.

Afterwards, Genevieve had to leave for the night. She had to go bartend at the Blue Velvet. It kinda sucked because she did miss out on the new years cheer, but I guess that’s the price you gotta pay for being a bartender. You miss out on a lot of this kinda stuff.

The new year just arrived and me and Stephon were sipping back on some cold beers. I told him the story about how I accidently took a shit in my pants when I was in grade six, lol! I had some kind of stomach bug and was feeling sick all day. While I was reading a book, I felt the urge to fart. So, I let her rip. Instead of hot air coming from my ass, I got a truck load of diarrhea dripping down my pants, LMFAO! Stephon just bursted out in so much laughter! Man, that laugh of his... it friggin made me cry laugh, lol! I’m so glad Tara was in the bathroom when I was telling Stephon this. That would have been pretty damn embarrassing if she overheard the conversation.

It was getting pretty early into the morning now. I found Tara hiding in the corner, hehe. She was pretty drunk... we were all pretty drunk! We sat on the couch together while Stephon was doing some drunken grooving. We talked more about some of the things we did together in 1992 such as the time when we first met at the Oasis. Me and Tara had some pretty good times together in 1992.

I don’t know what got into me, but I was feeling really comedic. While being drunk out of my mind, I did some kind of a messed up impression, lol! I made both Tara and Stephon laugh. That’s the beauty of when everyone is drunk, you can get away with pulling off these kind of messed up things, hehe!

Finally, it was time for the big new years cheer! We were all extremely piss drunk at this point, but we raised our glasses and celebrated the new year with much passion!  It kinda sucked that Genevieve wasn’t here with us, but what the heck. After we cheered, Tara got all wonky, lol! The booze was really getting to her, and she was now doing impressions, haha! It’s funny though because with all the excitement that was going on, I forgot to go to the bathroom. I was holding in my liquids for quite some time. Hehe, I didn’t want another accident to happen like in grade six, so I got to the bathroom pretty damn quickly!

The very end of the night was the best part. Me and Tara were in the kitchen talking, and then we hugged, it felt so good to hold her. After we hugged, she grabbed and kissed my hand like she did in the museum back in October last year. It really made me feel warm and fuzzy! Go figures, Stephon was peeping on us, lol! He was recording us the entire time. Bloody Stephon!

After Tara and Stephon left, I spent some time drinking by myself on the patio. I was just reflecting upon the last year and how beautiful it was. I’m so glad that I moved to Willow Creek. Now, I’m just about to crash. It’s a good thing I don’t have to work today, because I’m gonna have a massive hang over when I wake up!