Getting Together for the End of 1992

It’s such an exciting moment, but I still can’t believe that in only a few more hours it will be one year that I’ve lived in Willow Creek. However, what a day for Mr. Sandman to come and creep up on me. I’ve been so damn tired for pretty much most of the day, but I refuse to go to sleep. So, me and Genevieve took a quick trip to the store, and I picked up an energizer! I’m feeling pretty damn pumped now since Mr. Sandman was sent back to wherever the heck he came from! Anyways, Tara phoned and she is on her way over. I also called Stephon, and he will be joining us too. Unfortunately, Harper will not be able to make it tonight because she is stuck at work. So, it’s just gonna be the four of us, and we’re gonna have a blast!