Chillin with Stephon and Having a Few Drinks

Work was non-stop today. I had quite a bit of presentations to do. It’s a little more complicated as compared to when I was an open mic seeker. Anyways, what the heck! I needed some excitement and fun, so I called up Stephon and invited him over for a few drinks.

Unfortunately, my stereo broke so there was no music tonight, but we did get into some pretty good conversations! He was telling me more about the hospital. He said that he had to deal with a patient who ended up having some messed up reactions while taking LSD.

Stephon said the dude thought he was a fairy godfather and that he tried to jump out the window a few times because he thought he could fly. Hehe, I choked on my drink while laughing at that one.

Afterwards, I was telling him more about Tara and how I feel about her. He told me once again to stop being a pussy and to just ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend. I nodded and agreed with him. Although me and Tara have grown really close now, I’m still having a really hard time in asking that question...

Well, me and Stephon are just finishing up another drink, and then I think I’m gonna call it a night and head to bed. It’s already the beginning of a new month. Damn, that means it’s December and the year really is coming to an end. Where the hell did time go?