Spaghetti, a Broken Fridge, and a Mess

What a day... My fridge broke and I got a lot of dishes to do. I hate doing the dishes. I usually end up having to do a massive amount of dish washing in one sitting because I just don’t care to do them on a daily basis. I think I should start hiring a cleaning lady at least once a month. Also, it’s kind of a drag that my fridge broke because I was gonna spend the extra money that I earned from my promotion on repairing my good stereo which is still sitting outside in my backyard. Unfortunately, I’m gonna have to buy a new fridge instead... Anyways, I cooked up some delicious spaghetti, and damn was it ever tasty! I loaded it with a ton of veggies and a truck load of hamburger meat! Well, as soon as I’m done doing these damn dishes, I’m gonna head out for a jog. It’s my day off and I’m gonna be making an honest effort into whipping myself back into shape!

Dirty cups are all over my living room.

Dirty cups are all over my dining table.

Preparing my awesome spaghetti!

Cooking the spaghetti. Damn, was my mouth ever watering!

Enjoying the beautiful and delicious spaghetti that I cooked up.

About to do the dreadful dishes...