An Endurance Run, Harper, and Twitter

What a beautiful day out! I’m glad I walked to the gym and got to enjoy the scenery on the way. I’m also glad that the gym wasn’t so packed today. Sometimes, I just like working out when there’s not a lot of people around me. However, I did run into Harper. She was doing some running on the treadmills too. She showed me this pretty cool thing called Twitter on my smartphone and hooked me up with an account. It’s a communication type platform where you can interact with people. It should be fun. Well, I’m about to leave the gym and head off to work. I gotta busy day ahead of me. The boss has a project that I have to get done.

The gym was pretty empty today.

Doing an endurance run on the treadmill.

Me and Harper chatting. She showed me this new thing called Twitter and hooked me up with an account.