I'm a Jingle Jammer!

I just got back from work not too long ago, and I have some fantastic news! I’m now a friggin Jingle Jammer! That’s right, I got a new promotion, but this isn’t just any ordinary promotion. I've now totally branched off from speech performances to just music performances. This is friggin awesome, man. Maybe my dream of becoming a big time Hollywood movie composer is going to come true after all! Included in this promotion was a $937 bonus and a $13 pay raise! Woot! I’m so bloody happy and excited. Anyways, I just finished eating a serving of the delicious tilapia fish that I cooked up the other day. I also gave Stephon a shout and told him the good news. He’s on his way over, and we’re gonna party it up! I also have the day off tomorrow, wahooooo!