Drinking and Dancing

It's the last night of April and I am having some serious fun! After the park me and Genevieve went to the Blue Velvet. It's early in the morning now. There isn't much of a crowd anymore, but I am still enjoying myself finishing up a nice cold beer.

The night went pretty good. Me and Genevieve had a few drinks and danced together. We even hugged! Yes, it gave me another warm fuzzy feeling inside. It’s been a while since I last had a gal close to me like this.

Afterwards, I left Genevieve to chat with Stephon, who was already here before us, and a bunch of folks and went to the bar. I recognized a few familiar faces, but the one that stood out the most was Bella, the Gal who Stephon tried to pick up. I was talking with her for a bit and a got to know a little more about her. Bella is married, so I guess that’s why she totally blew Stephon off at the Oasis a while back.

Eventually, Genevieve joined me at the bar for some drinks, she was pretty loaded. We were yelling and laughing at each other from across the room. I was pretty loaded too, so it was pretty fun playing the yelling match!

After Genevieve left, I went out for some fresh air and admired the surroundings in my drunken state of mind. I went in for another drink and chatted with Stephon afterwards. Now, I just finished my drunken dancing and am about to head home after this beer. I know I am going to be in trouble tomorrow, I skipped work. Oh well, good times!

Me and Genevieve hug!

Getting to know Bella a little more.

Me and Genevieve yelling and laughing across the room together.

Breathing the open air!

Having a drink and talking with Stephon.

Alone, drunk, and dancing!