Exercise and a Mistake

Well, it's the first day of May! I decided that this month I am going to make an honest effort in getting back to shape. I keep on saying it but nothing seems to happen, hehe! So, I got my butt out of bed, ate some of that awful fish I made, and then I went to the park. It really is nice place to be during the day. It's nice and green. 

Anyways, I did quite of bit of exercise by jogging around the park and doing some pushups. While jogging, I noticed some trouble makers kicked over a garbage can... As the good person I already am, I picked it up and put the trash back into the bin. I guess it seems my area isn't the only place getting garbage cans kicked over.

Unfortunately, while being here at the park today, I just realized that I made a huge mistake. A while back some guy was bothering me and this gal playing chess together. I thought I saw that same fellow at the Oasis, he looked like him, so I confronted him and started yelling at him without even giving him a chance to speak. We nearly got into a fight that night.

So, I was wondering around the resting area of the park and I see two guys. The one who I thought was the disturber and the real one. I didn't want to make a scene, so I just got out of there and went home to prepare for work. Man, I swear they looked the same... I guess we all make mistakes!

Doing some pushups, like a champ!

Looking at the river.

Picking up a kicked over garbage bin.

The accused and the real disturber... The one playing chess was the one who bothered me and that girl a while back. The guy standing up was the accused.