Drunk at the Park

Holy heebie jeebies! I'm just at the park right now. I have had way too much to drink at the Blue Velvet just before coming here. Everything is just so bright, hehe! Damn it, I am still so full of energy. I am definitely going to be picking up some more of those energizers, who the heck needs sleep anyways!

It has been pretty eventful so far. I did some nice drunken walking while enjoying the beautiful scenery in such a surreal state of mind. I even spent a few minutes looking at single tree. I have to say it’s quite different going to the park during the day while being completely hammered. It’s a good thing it’s my day off.

I took a lot of pictures so far. I even took a photo of some random lady walking down the pathway. She looked a pretty distressed. I also took a photo of the garden, wish mine looked like that, but all I got is dead plants everywhere.

For some even more good times, I even played chess with some chick. She new I was pretty wasted, she was laughing at me. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, hehe! Stephon even showed up at the chess table. I guess he wanted to get some fresh air too. I talked with him for a bit, and we took a photo together.

Afterwards, I did some more drunk walking and stumbled upon a picnic. I was pretty much starving at this point, so I decide to invite myself for some lunch, hehe! The people at the table must have thought I was some kind of a beggar who lived at the park, but I did give them some money for a bowl of food so it didn’t look too bad.

After lunch, I talked with this Katrina girl who was also at the table. She seemed like a nice chick. I told her how I have been up all night drinking at the Blue Velvet because I just had too much energy as a result of the energizer. She was quite interested in the product herself and asked me where she could pick some up.

Well, that’s the park… I still have so much bloody energy left. I guess I will continue onward to the Rattlesnake for some more drinks!

Starring at a tree drunk out of my mind.

Some lady walking down the pathway. She looks pretty miserable.

Weee! A beautiful garden at the park.

Trying to play chess...

Stephon enters the picture!

Me and Stephon taking a photo together. I think I smelled booze on him too.

More drunk walking.

It's so bright out, but I do see a picnic ahead!

I invited myself to the table and paid the folks some money for a bowl of food.

Talking with Katrina, a chick that was sitting at the table.