What the Heck, Again!?

OMG! Not again! What the heck is wrong with all these people? I understand we are all drunk and just living in the moment, but why the heck is that kid in here!? This is the same kid that walked in here in the middle of the night back in February. Now the little bugger is sitting on the couch and partying with all the adults who are all drunk out of their minds.

Yeah, I am at the Rattlesnake. My day ain't quite over just yet because I still got some juice left in me from that energizer. I am enjoying some more drinks, man I have had so many now... Once the energizer begins to leave my system I am gonna crash real hard, I just know it.

Anyways, my drinking buddy, Stephon, was already here before I arrived. This guy is almost like me, hehe, likes to just chill and have some drinks. I can see that he is still trying to hit on the ladies. I seen him flirting with two chicks tonight and one of them being, Robin, the bartender I keep seeing around. I guess the poor guy is just not having any luck.

So, I am having some pretty good fun tonight. Kayleigh also showed up a little later. I guess she is also in the drinking mood too, so I talked with her some more today. We are getting a long quite nicely. Who knows maybe we will be friends soon! I need some more damn friends in this bloody place!

Well, I may be calling it a night soon. I am getting home sick, hehe, I haven’t been home since last night.

Just having a drink and chatting with Kayleigh.

Stephon was preparing to hit on that chick.

Stephon flirting with Robin.

This little bugger is partying with a bunch of drunk adults.